Rules & Regulations

Please take the time to review these Rules & Regulations and Best Practices. These are meant to keep our community healthy, efficient, organized, safe and secure.

Please be considerate to your fellow residents in the building and take that extra step and that little extra time to do what is right for the community.

Be advised that if the rules and regulations are not followed fines will follow,

  • 1st offense: warning
  • 2nd offense: $100
  • 3rd offense: $250
  • 4th offense: $500


Door Codes

The resident door code changes every quarter. The door code is the same for the Front Lobby (# before), Package Room, Rooftop & Elevator (0# after)

No one is allowed into the building without a code or fob and this needs to be communicated to all your guests. If you DO NOT know them or their purpose, you DO NOT let them in the building EVER!

DO NOT give the code out to anybody. Buzz them in or walk down and escort them in.

Pipes & Plumbing

Please please please be very careful about what you put down the drains. This should be the case for ANY place you visit or live. Some places are worse than others (our building especially). It’s just a good habit to get into in general. Pipes are designed for water and very very very fine garbage at most. Anything more than that will surely clog the pipes and cause blockage, backups and problems for you and/or your neighbors. Especially in the kitchen, yes there is a garbage disposal, but that should be the last resort for after you have cleaned your plates and cooking pots and pans IN THE TRASH and then they can be rinsed in the sink before they go in the dishwasher. 

This also applies to the BATHROOM and TOILET. 

Things that are common culprits when not put in the trash are: 


  • coffee grounds
  • celery
  • egg shells
  • paint
  • cooking grease/oil
  • produce stickers
  • paper towel

Bathroom & Toilet:

  • cleaning wipes 
  • disinfectant wipes
  • baby wipes
  • cotton balls
  • q-tips
  • feminine hygiene products
  • condoms

Please please please be very conscious of this issue and be considerate of the building and your neighbors. 


Guest Parking Lot

We pay close attention to this because we only have 4 guest spots for 41 units that have guests that may visit. The spots are also for vendors doing possible work on 41 units in the building. Parking in our neighborhood is not readily available. So please respect the community. 

  • The Visitor Parking Spaces are reserved for the occasional use by guests, visitors, or service people of residents for periods of up to 48 hours.
  • Owners and residents MAY NOT park in the Visitor Parking Spaces.
  • Visitors, guests, or tradespeople that have an extenuating circumstance which requires a longer use of a Visitor Parking Space must obtain written Board approval for such extended use.
  • EV Charging spots are for EV ONLY. If you or a guest are parked in those spots and not charging, your vehicle will be TOWED immediately. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Moving Trucks are NOT ALLOWED to park in guest parking for moving purposes. A $300 fine will be applied to owner stated in Rules & Regulations.

Vehicles in violation will be towed and/or will be fined per the Association’s Enforcement Policy.

Lock Boxes

There is a dedicated closet for lock boxes on the 2nd floor in the closet to the right of the elevator. Lock boxes are not allowed anywhere else in the building or outside the building on property. There is plenty of room for each unit in the building to have 1 and ONLY 1 lockbox. We strongly encourage having a lock box or an emergency plan in place in the event that emergency access is needed while you are away (flood, fire etc.).

Packages & Package Room

To open door, enter code. The door will lock automatically when you leave.

Just because a package is missing does NOT NECESSARILY mean it’s been stolen. Just want to keep language mellow and not get anyone worked up with possible misinformation. 

For the record: Only 4 packages have been stolen on 2 occasions in the past 8 years and both incidents were caught on video. All other missing packages were due to the issues listed below.

The package issue will continue forever. We know this all is very frustrating but that is just the way it is unfortunately in this present day of delivery services especially with Amazon, they are putting processes in place and getting better. 

We have called the 4 major delivery companies USPS, UPS, FEDEX and now Amazon’s internal delivery service called Amazon Logistics. All have their own non-changing code.

In regards to Amazon, they say that 80% of all packages are delivered through USPS, UPS, FEDEX AND Amazon’s internal delivery service. The other 20% are through a huge list of other smaller delivery services like DHL and so on. None of these we will ever know because it is so sporadic and random. Amazon’s delivery service is newer and becoming more prominent. They also have their own door code as well. As far as that other small 20% amount, there is nothing that we can do about that, other than for them to do their job properly and either call you from the directory or leave a tag saying they came and they will be back for more attempts or you can pick up from them locally. Amazon said that they CANNOT relay a code to all the random venders, but it is a very small amount so it is minor. This is the same for other buildings like us that do not  have management or a door person on site.

DO NOT give the resident door code in the “special instructions”. The building door code changes every quarter so there will be a time that it will not work and you will have to remember to change the code over and over again AND they will try it and not be able to get in and then there will be problems. The least amount of codes to these people the better. 

Sometimes packages are left outside in the planter next to the directory box. Not sure why a delivery service would do that. They have the option to leave a notice, which I see often, call a resident to get buzzed in or leave a note that they will reattempt or to come pick up locally. They are just being lazy. And that is unfortunate as well. 

If you see packages laying around, please help out and place in the secured package room.

Construction, Maintenance & Repairs

Any and all construction must be submitted to Hammersmith and then approved by the board. If any construction is not approved by the board then your construction will be halted immediately until the work is approved. This is designed to protect the building from in-proper work that could potentially harm the internal workings of the building and allows the community to be notified of loud noises that travel throughout the building and create a nuisance to residents.

Any loud noise related to work being done in your unit is only allowed from 8 am – 6 pm Monday-Saturday. Holidays excluded.

Trash Room

Proper Trash Removal Protocol:

Green Bin: Trash

Brown Bin: Recycling


There is only so much room and we have to accommodate all the residents in the building. 

The trash room is NOT a construction dump. Owners are responsible for removing their construction material off site. This means carpet, wood, drywall etc. 

Oversized items that take up unusual space should be placed on the side of the dumpster without obstructing the entry door or the garage door and that is easy to grab by the trash people. If the item is clearly too oversized, it is the owners responsibility to call Alpine Waste directly and schedule a separate pickup. This includes, mattresses, couches, dressers, TVs etc.

If you make a mess CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF! 


Dogs are to be on leash at all times. 

Garage Ceiling Tiles

If you see a stained ceiling tile, please report it, with a picture and a parking spot number, in Facebook so we can address the leak immediately.

Building Security


DO NOT leave valuables in the garage or in your storage unit.

Lock your cars

No one is allowed into the building without a code or fob and this needs to be communicated to all your guests. If you DO NOT know them or their PURPOSE, you DO NOT let them in the building EVER!

DO NOT give the code out to anybody. Buzz them in or walk down and escort them in.

Pay attention to when you leave and enter from the garage. Make sure no one is sneaking in before the garage door closes.

Motorcycle/Scooter Parking Slots

If you are interested in renting a motorcycle/scooter parking slot in the garage at $25 a month, please email HOA Manager Tom Hobelman at [email protected]. Spaces are limited so this is a “first-come-first-serve” offer.

Move-ins & Move-outs

All move ins and outs are made from the front lobby and the moving truck is parked in the front of the building in front of the lobby doors. There is plenty of room for the truck to park and cars and trucks to get by.



DO NOT move in and out from the garage. 

Please be aware and remember that move-ins & move-outs must be communicated to Hammersmith (HOA Management) and follow strict guidelines. “Rules & Regulations” states if any of this is violated that a $300 fine will be issued to the specific home owner. 

This is designed to keep track of people moving in and out of the building, proper moving protocol, building security and possible damage to the building. This ultimately benefits the community as a whole.